She is the guitarist and vocalist of the band, Shirorakurosuka?


She is characterized as a trickster with a surreal view of the world.


Nobody knows whether she is a panda or a bird Myumon.... She is white with a pair of eyes with blue pupils behind a pair of black round rimmed glasses and has a grey nose. She has short black bobbed hair with two buns on each side resembling panda ears. Her outfit consists of a black shirt covered by a lavender colored long coat, a small blue bowtie with yellow stars, a pair of lavender and white stripe stockings and black boots. She also has a pair of white wings on her back.


  • She has the ability to float above the ground.
  • So far, nobody knows whether she is a panda, a bird or a panda bird. Nevertheless, others accept her.
  • She is the counterpart of Yaginuma Kana, the singer of カラスは真っ白.