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Show By Rock!! BRR

The game plays as a rhythm game with few elements from raising sim games. Players can choose from 26 different bands, each having their own music style and uses special cards for each gameplay. Players get to create their own character in the start of the game, and design their own room.

The player's team can have up to five cards, and choose one support player from a list. The player's has certain amount of "soul" for each element depending on their cards. The player can play whichever song they would like from the band of their choice, as well as the level that works with their team.

Occasionally, a band's members' Melodisian Stones may turn dark, and thus a boss battle appears. For the boss battles, you may only choose a song from the band whose Melodsian Stones turned dark, and the goal for each boss battle is to survive until the end.

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SHOW BY ROCK!!【プラズマジカな午後 第3話】

SHOW BY ROCK!!【プラズマジカな午後 第3話】

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