He is the drummer of Shingan Crimsonz.


He thinks of himself as a true man.

Usually the one to stop other members from arguing by giving them a punch or by hitting them.


He is a tan jaguar like Myuumon with dark brown cat ears, chestnut colored spots and a light brown muzzle with a chestnut colored nose. His tail seems to be the same. His eyes are red with navy blue pupils. He wears a fur vest that matches his fur which covers his light brown muscular chest with a double golden necklace. He wears black pants held up by a brown belt. He also wears a pair of black spiked bracelets on each of his arms.


  • His theme is that of a soldier.
  • His drums set is named Skull Jaguar.
  • Has a part time job.
  • He used to be in a band with Shu Zo.


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