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Dagger Morse is the Main Antagonist of the SHOW BY ROCK!! Anime.


He is the mysterious president of Unicorn Virtual Music Inc. who aims to control all of Sound World by using Dark Monsters. He is also responsible for sending Cyan to Midi City. He has been shown to be very manipulative and selfish. He will also show no mercy to failures.


He is a black shadowy figure with three eyes: two that glow red and one mysterious green one above the two. He is usually seen wearing a business suit on his body.

In Episode 12, he gains a giant monstrous shadow form used to destroy Midi City. After he is defeated by Cyan in said episode, he is turned into a small white limbless blob creature with red eyes.


  • He is the second antagonist in the Show by Rock!! franchise. The first were the Dark Monsters found in boss battles.
  • His third eye seems to have some mysterious power.
  • He has the ability to turn other Melodisian Stones dark with tainted energy.
  • He is revealed to be a Black Jellyfish in Episode 11.